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Our car wash offers something for everyone:  Our Sonny’s Soft Touch Tunnel with NeoGlide® is the most efficient way to make your vehicle sparkle, our Touch Free Razor offers a high pressure touchless wash to give your car a shining exterior while our 8 Self-serve Wash Bays and vacuums gives the do-it-yourselfer the tools needed to get it perfect.


Unlimited Club

Where can you pay for two washes a month but wash as often you want?  Our Unlimited Wash Club gives you this and more. For as little as $14/month you can keep your car shining all the time in Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather. We have a Touch free option and a Tunnel option, both come with unlimited vacuum use 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  We partnered with Everwash to make signing up, accessibility, and account management easy.  Download the Everwash app in the App store or Google Play store and join the lowest priced Unlimited Wash Club today.  Please remember, one car per membership.  We offer a 15% discount on the second car in the family.  Happy washing!!

Fusion Bath

Break the bond of the most difficult surface contaminants with this specially-formulated low pH detergent. Applied with a rain like effect that envelops the car at the entrance.

Fusion Prime

Lift embedded road grime to prime painted surfaces for total adhesion of the Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. This ultra-low pH detergent is applied in precise streams that penetrate prior foam applications.

Fusion Rinse

Break down and remove foam residue to completely expose painted surfaces to Fusion Wax. Infused into a waterfall rinse that flushes all grooves, crevices, and cowlings.

Fusion Wax

Enhance the depth and quality of the shine you deliver your customer with our exclusive poly synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba. Applied in a cascading stream of airy foam for complete coating.

Fusion Rain Repel

Repel water and improve all-weather glass visibility with this hydrophobic spray application. Applied to the entire car with precision-targeted manifolds.

Why Join?

Clean Car = Happy Driver

The soaps we use not only clean your car but also bond fully with your car’s surface to build a layer of protection from UV rays, acidic bugs, birds, and hard water to give your car a smooth feel and shine.  We call this combination the clean car feeling. This feeling is normally accompanied by a smile, and it makes us happy to know your’re happy.

Clean Cars Stay Newer

As dirt, birds, bugs, and general grime build up, they diminish your car’s clear coat and paint.  Washing your car once per week on our Unlimited plan helps to build a protective barrier around your car and is the most efficient way to maintain your clear coat and paint.

Clean Cars Go Faster

We’re not here to argue science but studies have shown that dirt particles create more drag as air particles cling onto grime, reducing fuel economy and speed. You can combat this by taking advantage of your unlimited, FREE, car washes 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

One Up Mother Nature

Oklahomans know Mother Nature has many ways to make things dirty. From pollen and dust, to rain spots, mud, snow and grime, the elements can be both unsightly and corrosive. Unlimited Club members don’t have to worry. Whatever Mother Nature decides, U Auto Wash will wipe it clean.

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By far the best and fastest automatic car wash in the area, my car is always so clean and the monthly package is so convenient.

Carly Y.Oklahoma City

I love unlimited washes! So easy to stop in on my way home from work as it is right off the interstate.

Jeff G.Yukon

Unlimited washes is the best thing since sliced bread. My car is so happy and so am I - it is true, happy car, happy owner.

Mark L.Oklahoma City


What is included?

Included in the plan is your choice of Tunnel washes or our Touchfree option.  Members signing up for the Touchfree option have the option to use the Touchfree or the Tunnel’s $16 Fusion wash.

Will your brushes scratch my paint?

In a nutshell no the brushes won’t scratch your car. The brushes are made of a water and dirt resistant foam called NEOGLIDE®. This revolutionary new wash material is extremely gentle to today’s soft clearcoat vehicles. NEOGLIDE® inhibits water absorption, resists grit and dirt from becoming imbedded into the material, so there is no disturbance of the clearcoat paint. It eliminates pulling, tugging and damage to exterior vehicle parts. It out cleans, outlasts, and outperforms conventional cloth for a superior job.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple.  Download the Everwash app, search for U Auto Wash and select which plan you prefer.

How long does it take to wash my automobile?

At U Auto Wash we know your time is valuable and we offer the most efficient way to clean your auto.  Our state of the art Sonny’s Tunnel provides a clean exterior wash in under three minutes.

What if I want to upgrade my membership?

We can change it to whichever package you choose at any time in the app.

I got a new car, what do I do?

All changes to your plan are handled through the app.  You can modify which car is associated with the plan, license plates, etc.  Changes are limited to 1x per month.

Can I use this membership on more than one vehicle?

No, each membership is tied to a certain vehicle. We offer a 15% discount on additional vehicles.

Can I suspend my account?

Yes, if there is a reason for which you are unable to use your membership for a month or longer, we can cancel the billing so that you are not being charged during that time. You will still have a membership, but it will not be active until you reinstate at the site, or give us a call, or send an email to get your membership working again.

How do I cancel?

All settings for your Unlimited options are handled through the Everwash app in Settings.

Still have questions concerning your Unlimited Wash Club Membership?

Give us a call at 405-819-4149 Monday – Saturday (7 a.m.—9 p.m.) or send an email to jw@uautowash.com.

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